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Our staff works closely with you to reach the best

A few words about us

Renowned Eventing And Service Delivery

Umceceshi Events is known for its renowned Event Management skills and scalable operational capacity. Our company was established in 2007 with our head office based in Pretoria.

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke solutions which entail highly skilled event planning and production skills and a comprehensive set of events hosting-infrastructure.

Umceceshi Events have been satisfying Event needs for over a decade. Whether we cater for a public event, intimate private party, wedding, funeral, or corporate function, your guests stay later, and leave with a lasting impression. That is because “We Have Got Your Back”.


How We Work

Choose Peace of Mind
Choose Peace of Mind

We are a skilled and passionate Events Company that offer our clients an array of event planning skills, scalable production material and tools; and a complete set of material and event tool rentals.

We are able to give each event the marketing support it requires, whilst, we seamlessly connect our clients to supplementary professional services such as flower arrangements and logistics support.

Our Compliance

Only The Best

We are fully compliant with all regulatory standards. Our clients can totally rest assured that we secure their safety everytime, at every event. 

We provide event liability insurance for each event, and uphold all health and safety standards. 

Our infrastructure are set-up, and managed by experienced engineers who deal with every necessary aspect comprehensively.


Bespoke Solutions

Customise Make It - We Got It

Each event has a set of dynamics that makes it very different from any other events. This is because every event has a very specific emotional reality that seeks a very specific solution. It is therefore our pleasure to provide our customers with a bespoke solution that addresses their unique needs.


Professional Staff

We Are Dedicated And Passionate

Our professionalism is our advantage. We pride ourselves on this. As such, we invest into the development of our staff. They in turn treat our clients with all respect due, because they are committed stakeholders who love what they do and appreciate the trust, which we so keenly share with them.


Competitive Advantage

Everything Available At Your Beckon Call

We own the tools, event equipment, furniture, morgues, tents, seats, cutlery, linen, dance floors, specialist sound and lighting, air conditioners, the vehicle fleets and the flower arrangements. This allows us to offer you a price, quality and efficiency benefit, through a bespoke approach, that is geared to satisfy and exceed all expectations.